Monday, August 2, 2010

'Ol Reliable.

I wanted to talk about some makeup products that I've used for awhile now.
I've come to find these never let me down. =)
I took some pictures, and made some swatches.
This is one of the products I love!

So here's the deal: I absolutely freakin' LOVE this 12 color Flash Color Case.
The colors are a creamy texture, which makes it easy to apply..
For those of us who are klutzy, it can be a bit messy.
One of the big things to know is that these colors act like a stain.
Which means the next day, you could still have the color on
I suggest using an actual makeup remover if you're going to wear these colors.
Another great thing about these colors is that they can be used for just about anything.
I've used them for eyeshadow, shading, lipgloss.. You name it, I've done it.
The best part is that the colors you don't see, you can make with the existing ones.
Here are the swatches:

As you can see, the colors are ultra vibrant!
The colors in order from left to right are:

Gold 004 (metallic gold), Coral 002 (vibrant coral), Turquoise 000 (light turquoise), Fuchsia 005 (bright fuchsia pink), Yellow 013 (vibrant yellow), Brown 023 (dark brown), Silver 003 (metallic silver), White 010 (pure white), Red 017 (bright red), Bright Blue 014 (bright royal blue), Leaf Green 008 (bright green), and Black 011 (pure black)

You can get this case at a Sephora store, or on their online store.
The only problem with this product is that it cost $95 from the retailer,
So you have to be certain this is something you want to invest in.
Is it worth the price?
Since I've bought this case, I've used it numerous times.
It has a large selection of uses,
and has a more than fair amount of product.

So do I recommend it for the price? Absolutely.

In the picture,
I'm wearing turquoise on my lids,
and the white in the corners of my eyes.

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