Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Gaga

Ever wanted to look like Lady Gaga?
These are some links that I think will help you pull off some of the best of Gaga.

1. The "Hair bow" (Tutorial by binosusume)
Everybody has been trying to recreate this look ever since Gaga first came to mainstream, and a lot of people are even attempting to sale premade bows. The problem with these premade bows is that they're often low quality, and just look really bad. I really like this step by step video tutorial by binosusume on how to use your REAL HAIR to create the look, because you can see how to do each step. It's true not everybody can read the language it's written in, but because you can see her every move, you don't really need to be able to read it! trust me! The only problem I found was that I couldn't reach behind my head to do this myself, so I asked a friend to watch the video, and do it for me. You might find that you also need help!
(if your hair is too short, or you'd just like to buy a bow go to AMAZON (click here)

 2. The Makeup

It's true, there are many Gaga makeup looks, so I decided to pick my top five!

1. Telephone (Tutorial by MasqueradeMakeup)
 To achieve the coke cans in your hair: Just separate a good chunk of hair
roll your hair around the can from ends to roots,
and then use bobby pins to fasten the hair around the can to your roots!

2. Lady Gaga MTV AWARDS Inspired (Tutorial by HowdiniGuru)

This might be a little advanced for some people, and it requires LACE!
However, the final look is beautiful!

3. Beautiful Dirty Rich (Tutorial by panacea81)

This is one of the most "normal" Gaga looks you'll ever find!
It's something you could wear to a party, or just to impress friends.

4. Bad Romance (Tutorial by panacea81)

5. Disco Heaven Album Cover (Tutorial by xsparkage)

This look is classic Gaga!
Also, the girls in this tutorial are a riot! =P


So if you REALLY wanna go Gaga, you're going to need the clothes!
Search GAGA at AMAZON (cick to go)
They not only have the costumes, but they have the accessories too!
The best part is: Everything is UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP!!

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